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Administrative litigation challenges the legal validity of infringement of the rights or interests of the people that result from an illegal disposition by an ‘administrative agency’ or any other non-exercise of public power. To successfully challenge the legal validity, it requires extensive knowledge and practical expertise in understanding and application of various administrative laws and regulations. Logos’ Special Administration Department consists of lawyers experienced in handling administrative disputes and the former president of the Supreme Court, chief judge of Patent Court, and a chief prosecuting attorney of Administrative Court.
Not only has Logos handled common administrative litigations such as cancellation of restrictions on dispositions and litigation on revocation of refusal disposition of revenue administrative action, but Logos also offers advice and counseling services regarding administrative litigation matters such as urban maintenance related disputes, land expropriation, industrial disaster, tax, labor, and various licensing disputes. In addition, it offers various services that are necessary procedures for a promptly administrative remedy such as hearings and statement of opinion procedure prior to administrative appeal procedure and disposition. (Various services are provided in all procedures necessary to obtain expedited remedy, such as various administrative adjudication procedures and procedures before proceeding with the complaints.)

Representative Cases

- Represented a number of reconstruction and redevelopment unions and successfully obtained revocation of promotion committee approval (confirmation of nullity), revocation of union establishment approval (confirmation of nullity), revocation of project implementation authorization, revocation of management disposal (confirmation of nullity).
- Represented Dongdaemun-gu 00 environmental arrangement union and carried out law suit against the mayor of Seoul regarding revocation of remaintenance promotion project change decision
- Pursued litigations for partial cancellation of regeneration infrastructures among redevelopment union’s project implementation authorization conditions
- Pursued litigations for various restraint punishments including administrative measure in rejection of transportation facilities check application against ward chief and the mayor of Seoul by representing a transportation company
- Pursued litigations for revocation of restraint punishment regarding unlawful trader restraint punishment against the chief of public procurement service, LH public corporation, Korea expressway corporation, Korea gas corporation, Seoul City, governor of Gyeongsangbuk-do, and governor of Gyeonggi-do
- Pursued a litigation for revocation of unlawful trader restraint punishment against the minister of national defense and the chief of public procurement service by representing news agency and a company related to government procurement
- Pursued an administrative litigation for revocation of suspension of operation in medical care institution against the minister of health and welfare by representing medical institutions
- Pursued a litigation for revocation of transfer tax imposition disposition against the superintendent of a tax office
- Pursued litigations for various revocation of restraint punishment cases on behalf of the defendant
- Pursued litigations for cancelation filing cases regarding the central labor relations committee’s decision of unfair dismissal remedy on behalf of an employer or an employee
- Pursued an litigation for cancelation filing for ministry of public administration and security’s decision regarding zoning decision of inside landfill of Saemanguem seawall by representing Gimje-si and Buan-geun
- Pursued litigations for cancellation of imposition of allotment including infrastructure cost-bearing fee, allotment for school site, infra development surcharge, allotment born by causer of water supply, allotment for mandatory disabled employment, etc.
- Filed claims for indemnification for loss against a nation and local autonomous entity, claimed compensation for land expropriation and increase in payment against each local autonomous entity, Korea Expressway Corporation, and Korea Land & Housing Corporation
Jeon, Sungsoo[Team Leader]
Kang, Wankoo
Kwak, Mookeun
Kim, Gounsoo
Oh, Joonsoo
Lee, Sanggon
Lim, Chanyoung
Choi, Kwonil