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Logos Law LLC’s Fair Trade team has abundant and diverse experience in overall theory and practice of fair trade law by dealing with many cases and through study-abroad and institutional trainings. Currently, our Fair Trade team consists of attorneys specializing in fair trade law and is active in giving legal advices on fair trade issues including business combination, cartel, abuse of market dominance, unfair business practice, subcontracting and unfair clause practice. With expertise and experience, our team provides a comprehensive legal consultation by maintaining close working relationship with Corporate Litigation, Special Administration and Corporate Criminal teams. Logos Law LLC represented Korea Fair Trade Commission (“KFTC”) and other supplementary intervenors in cases which corporations including SKT, LG Uplus, eBay Gmarket and Volvo Construction Equipment Korea appealed to KFTC’s Abuse of Market Dominance penalty. Through these cases, Logos Law LLC has maintained a close working relationship with KFTC and has been tracking recent trends by providing practical solutions.

In this way, Logos Law LLC provides an excellent legal service by representing KFTC and advising fair trade related matters by responding from investigation and resolution stage to administrative, civil and criminal litigation stage.

Representative Cases

1. Prosecution by Prosecution Office and fair trade related lawsuits
- Revocation litigation regarding corrective order against Hyundai and Kia Motors’ interference with business activity (imposed sales target, and restrictions on relocation and employment) on its retail stores.
- Revocation litigation regarding corrective order against SKT’s abuse of market dominance (installation of DRM in a MP3 phone).
- Revocation litigation regarding corrective order against Volvo Construction Equipment Korea’s abuse of market dominance.
- Neowiz Internet’s revocation litigation regarding KFTC’s penalty on price-fixing among online music service providers.
- Revocation litigation regarding Ebay Gmarket’s abuse of market dominance from an open market exclusive dealing.
- Represented supplementary intervenor regarding LG Uplus’ revocation and suspension of execution claim against KFTC regarding abuse of market dominance.
- Represented KFTC on SKT’s revocation litigation regarding corrective order for abuse of market dominance in online music market.
- Represented KFTC and attended KFTC committee regarding Ebay Gmarket’s obstruction of inspection case.
- Loen Entertainment’s revocation litigation against KFTC regarding corrective order for cartel.
- Seo Hae Construction’s revocation litigation against KFTC regarding corrective order and penalty for price-fixing.
- Korea Fiber and other ten companies’ revocation litigation against KFTC regarding corrective order on cartel and penalty.
- Represented the counter-party for India Tata Autocomp Systems’ lawsuit for service fee charge / Led the lawsuit regarding potential violation of Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act

2. Representations for violation report to KFTC and fair trade class actions
- Represented a violation reporter for Scania Korea Seoul’s unfair business practice and attended KFTC committee.
- Represented a class action for return of unjust enrichment of establishment of the right to collateral security cost against a member of Korea Finance Consumer Federation
- Compensation claim for insurance premium-fixing against seven life insurance companies including Samsung Life Insurance.

3. Fair trade related advisory service
- Advised GBND on franchise law regarding retail store agreement.
- Advised on fair trade law regarding Hanhwa Life Insurance’s insider trading within its subsidiaries.
- Advised Shinsung E&C on M&A reporting to KFTC.
- Advised on whether KT’s refusal to provide marine communication systems to Samho Shipping Company constitutes a violation of Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act and other legal countermeasures.
- Advised on whether Cuman hospital and its advertisers violated Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act / attended KFTC committee.
- Advised DaeYeong Ubitec on Public Procurement Service’s restriction on qualification for participation and KFTC sanction.
Track record of other 100+ cases of fair trade lawsuits and advisory service.
Lee, Dongeun[Team Leader]
Yun, Youngchul
Cho, Woohyun
Jeon, Mansu
Lee, Hoil
Lee, Yukyung
Han, Hyejin
Lee, Saera
Kim, Sunghoon
Park, Jeongyeol
Sung, Jiyoon