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Research Center for Competition law

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 Purpose of establishment

With respect to variously competitive phenomenon and consumer protection, which are emerging from the market economy, it is established through thoughtful study and discussion about law and system in order to suggest direction of right competing policy and consumer policy and to enhance fair competition among companies and rights and interests of consumers.

 Range of Competition law

In competitive law, there are several laws regarding monopoly regulation and fair trade for promoting fair and free competition, Framework Act on Consumers for protecting consumer right, contract regulation, installment transactions, door-to-door sales, and consumer protection in e-commerce.

 Main program

Holding seminars regarding competition law Our professionals in each field - Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC), person in charge of practical business affairs, Korea Consumer Agency, Korean Society of Consumer Studies, etc. participate and share a breadth of views and suggest solutions to social issues and problems of competition law.
Research and offer services We research and offer services regarding competition law to KFTC, corporations, Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy, Korea Consumer Agency, consumer group, etc.
Suggest proper(appropriate) competing policy and consumer policy We suggest proper(appropriate) competing policy and consumer policy to a nation, corporation, local autonomous entity, consumer group, etc.
Pursue various litigations regarding competition law We handle various types of litigations, reports on KFTC, filing charges against an investigative agency regarding monopoly power abuse, cartels, unfair trading practice (unfair transaction), corporate combinations, unfair clause, false or misleading indication and advertising, pyramid scheme, installment transactions, electronic commerce, product liability, etc.

 Center Contact

- Lawyer Hye-jin Han
- Phone : (02)2188-2816
- Fax : (02)2188-1095
- Email :