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Research Center for Church law

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Center’s function and Aim

Korean Church has taken the initiative in the national enlightenment and education in a short period of mission history, fostered numerous the talented and national leaders, and grown dramatically through a lot of social activities like medical mission, contributing to the society. However, there are several problems from occurring in the rapid growth, the most serious one of them is a dispute between churches, between a church and its member, between a church and a religious body, between religious orders.

Such this dispute has been intensified all the more on account of process in dissolution of church and its consequences; as a result, it seems to deepen more because the conflict is linked with church management right and church property right. Its strife is spreading up to courts in that it cannot be settled within church. Nevertheless, in our country, there is no legislation or a principle of law to resolve this trouble. It is urgent to arrange for solutions through research for church dispute so as to prevent this dispute in advance. Research Center for church law in Logos studies and analyzes the issues about religion, which are getting shown on the surface, such as the dispute over church in order to prevent it. Our main task is to resolve the dispute.

Main business

Study for limitation of judicial intervention in a church dispute
Ownership and management of church property
Study for dissolution of church and a reversion to property rights
Disputes over trials and resolution of church discipline in religion
Study for a relationship between religious body and district church
Consultation for judicial process within each religious body
All kinds of injunctions and original suits relating to church disputes
Study, enactment, and amendment of the Constitution of religious body and articles of association of church
Study and data collection of fields in connection with church law
Consultation for church law Publication of church law

Representative work related to church law

Internal resolution of religious groups (resolutions including congregational council, conference, presbytery, general meeting and disciplinary judgment)
Injunction on inspection or copying of the account books.
Injunction on entry restrictions and non-interference with worship.
Injunction on suspension of performance of duties of pastors and elders.
Many other cases (names not disclosed due to position of the churches).

Center Contacts

Manager of Centre Hyunkie Baek lawyer
Executive secretary Junshik Bae lawyer
Lawyers - Sechang Oh lawyer
- Jaeboku Kim lawyer
- Youngwook Cho lawyer
- Yoonchul Hwang lawyer