LOGOS always deals with legal matters promptly all clients.

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LOGOS always deals with legal matters promptly and accurately with having a respectful and kind attitude toward all clients.

Logos Law, LLC. was founded on September 1, 2000. We are proud of our consistent growth and our reputation as one of Korea's most dedicated and professional law firms. We believe our remarkable growth resulted from our focus on clients and our passion to achieve the values mentioned below.


LOGOS tries its best to complete its tasks under the awareness of importance of our present works, present clients, and the present time.


The modern business environment is faced with diverse and complicated legal matters. Unfortunately, these legal issues cannot be solved by a strong desire or a good reputation of law firms only. However, LOGOS attorneys, who have long time experiences at courts, public prosecutors' offices, and the Constitutional Court, provides comprehensive legal services by strengthening their cooperation and applying a systematic division of labor.


LOGOS has made an effort to break a stereotype that is "the law is passive and judicial officers are conservative" and it works hard to make creative ideas and to change its old habits, behaviors, attitudes, and experiences in order to be open-minded and active to create more effective legal solutions. Additionally, LOGOS always has a positive perspective while finding solutions of legal problems. LOGOS is active and dedicated to become aware of the needs of its clients to offer immediate and accurate solutions. LOGOS discovers and welcomes creative and ingenious people.

Global Perspective

Nowadays, there are many economic and legal issues in the world and LOGOS recognizes that learning knowledge of law, which is used in Korea only, is insufficient to solve further extensive issues. So, LOGOS members make efforts to have global perspectives and to strengthen their abilities that can be used internationally. Also, to become a global law firm, LOGOS established its subregional offices in Cambodia, Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, Vietnam, and also prepares to open new subregional offices in China and Kazakhstan. LOGOS would try harder to become an international law firm to go with the globalization.

Ethical Commitment

LOGOS is not a law firm that pursues its own benefits. It is an ethical and honest law firm that practices love and justice and also takes social responsibility to support community members. Under this corporate philosophy, LOGOS established a non-profit foundation, "Hope and 동행 ", to develop legal support businesses (providing law education and give legal advice to low income residents, foreign workers, and prisoners/ offering legal aid to low income residents), sponsor and scholarship project (opening single mom and multi-cultural family essay contests/ supporting disabled facilities/ supporting hearing aids and scholarship to deaf people), community services (doing outdoor activities with the disabled, going camping with single mom families, making kimchi with elders who live alone and low income residents), and culture & arts support businesses (opening events for prisoners) as an ethically responsible law firm.