LOGOS always deals with legal matters promptly all clients.

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LOGOS always deals with legal matters promptly and accurately with having a respectful and kind attitude toward all clients.

세계로 뻗어가는 강하고 신뢰받는 로펌 로고스
LOGOS Law, LLC. was founded on September 1, 2000 by a group of competitive and dedicated attorneys who have expert knowledge and various legal experiences. LOGOS highly contributes to preventing and solving modern legal conflicts and practices love and justice through following laws. Also, LOGOS always practices its mission, serving mankind, to open the better future for all.

LOGOS excellency of work experiences

LOGOS contains outstanding attorneys, who built their litigation abilities through various experiences in courts and public prosecutors' offices. We also have professional attorneys, who have studied and worked on non litigation fields such as finance, taxation, intellectual property, corporate restructuring, investment, fair trade, and international trade. These competitive attorneys cooperate to provide comprehensive legal services to our clients so LOGOS could be grown as one of the top 10 korean leading law firms despite its short history.

Trustworthy LOGOS

LOGOS has focused on building a trust relationship with clients, judicial agencies, and also LOGOS members each other since its foundation. So, LOGOS earned a good reputation as a trustworthy law firm legally and ethically. Also, LOGOS is not restricted by old fashioned ways and always thinks and studies to make creative ideas to become an innovative and advanced law firm.

LOGOS along with its clients

LOGOS always deals with legal matters promptly and accurately and serves its clients respectfully and kindly. LOGOS attorneys consider their clients' problems as their own matters so our clients can share with LOGOS attorneys their legal issues. LOGOS also contributes to the development of social services such as establishing christian prisons, building non criminal cities, leading relief works, supporting the World Vision, and providing free legal services to public utilities agencies.