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  Basic Information - Kim, Yongho
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Business area

- Corporate Litigation
- Finance
- Religion
  Educational History Kyung Gi High School (72th Graduate)
Seoul National University, College of Law (LL.B., 1980)
Seoul National University, Graduate School of Law (LL.M., 1982)
Yonsei University, Graduate School of Patent Law, Program for Dignitaries (1994)
Europe Internationalization Training Program (1995)
Visiting Scholar, Stanford University, School of Law (2001)
Admitted to bar, Korea (1979)
Judicial Research & Training Institute, Supreme Court of Korea (1982)
Senior Judge, Seoul District Court, Southern Branch (1996)
Senior Judge, Jeju District Court (1997)
Professor, Judicial Research & Training Institute (1999)
Senior Judge, Seoul Central Disㄹtrict Court (2001)
Senior Judge, Busan High Court (2005)
Senior Judge, Seoul High Court (2006)
Mediator, Korean Commercial Arbitration Board
Member, Korean Civil Code Reform Committee
Mediator, The Korea Christian Conciliation and Arbitration Institute
Chairman, The Christian Council of Korea
Manager, National Research Council for Economics, Humanities, and Social Sciences
  Business case
(1) Work experience
- Excellence in practical sense and dealing with various trials, such as civil, criminal, and administration, as a a full-fledged judge for 25 years
- Adoption of appraisal method, Case Study that is the first econometrics in claims for damages to a major oil company related to the oil delivery fixing
- Verdict of recognizing damages of corporation related to an employee's sexual harassment for the first time in Korea
- Verdict of superiority of protection of secret communication as a presiding judge of Security Planning X-Files case 2 trial

(2) Litigation of civil and commercial cases
- Winning a lawsuit with a theory of Bond responsibility and rights abuse regarding Nippon Steel of S heavy industry
- Dealing with mutual disputes over Securities company of H car group
- Successful performance of various civil cases related to corporations

(3) Criminal litigation
- Verdict of acquittal in a case of violations of the Securities and Exchange Law shifting responsibility for the card crisis regarding foreign investors, such as the world's three major private equity funds
- Successful performance in most criminal cases related to Korea investment by foreign corporations, such as WorldWide, JJinvestment
- Acquittal performance of violations of political funding law, such as parliamentarian J
- Performance of a number of cases, such as embezzlement and breach of trust of all sorts of the corporate businessmen

(4) Finance, etc.
- Selection of financial field "a professional attornery in the Republic of Korea" selected by press corps
- Winning a lawsuit of injunction of the world's first option suspension of efficiency to KIKO damage corporate bank, such as Monami
- Success of damages of Snowball damage companies such as rainforest
- Legal cases with consultation, litigation, and performance of a large number of areas of good small and medium-sized enterprises related to derivatives