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  Basic Information - Kim, Yong
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Business area

- Corporate Disputes
- Healthcare/Medical
- South-North Economic Cooperation
  Educational History Jeongju High School (49th Graduate)
Korea University, College of Law (LL.B., 1976)
Seoul school of Integrated Sciences & Technologies, 4T course (7th)
Soon Chun Hyang University Graduate, CEO course (16th)
Admitted to bar, Korea (1981)
Judicial Research & Training Institute, Supreme Court of Korea
Assistant Prosecutor, Uijeonbu District Public Prosecutor's Office
Prosecutor, Seoul High Prosecutor Office
Manager, Supreme Prosecutor's Office, 1st Division of Central Investigation (2002)
Chief Prosecutor, Daejeon District Prosecutor's Office, Seosan Branch
Chief Prosecutor, Daejeon District Prosecutor's Office, Hongseong Branch
Chief Prosecutor, Daegu District Prosecutor's Office, Pohang Branch
Member, International Commission of Inquiry, Seoul Regional Tax Office
Member, Administrative Appeals Commission, Supreme Prosecutor's Office (present)
Member, Internet/Newspaper Ethics Committee (present)
Advisor, Educational Broadcasting System, Jeonbuk (present)
  Business case
(1) Work experience
- Excellence as a special prosecutor for 23 years in practical sense of investigation and participation of trials related to corporation, finance, medical, and safety accidents
- Abundance of ability to act and deal with big cases, such as accounting fraud of D group and corruption scandals of high-level public officials
- Consideration of various solutions and practical experiences with respect to criminal cases, such as general litigation
- Performance experience in execution of the sentence and adminstrative litigation, such as a trial litigation manager at Supreme Prosecutors' Office of the Republic of Korea and a litigation prosecutor at High Prosecutors' Office

(2) Public office-related cases
- Innocence of former mayor K detained as a bribery case
- Non-prosecution of bribery suspect case of incumbent police chief K
- Successful performance of cases related to original price of defense industry

(3) Fields, such as medical care and safety accident
- Performance of criminal litigation like medical malpractice of S General Hospital
- Successful performance of revocation litigation at the time of Ministry of Health and Welfare in drug prices

(4) Fields related with corporations
- Successful performance in patent invalid confirmation litigation against beauty A company
- Performing consultation of authoritative of trustee regarding A trust company’s legislative office
- Successful performance in revoation litiagtion of additional tax related to gold bullion of tens of billions