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  Basic Information - 김문중(金文中)
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Business area

  Educational History Hanil High School(1998)
Hanyang University, College of Law (LL.B., 1998)
Admitted to 48th bar, Korea (2006)
Completed 38th Judicial Research & Training Institute
Press Arbitration Commission (Manager)
  Business case
(1) Media dispute cases
- A large number of media dispute cases such as daily newspapers, broadcasting, internet newspapers and web portals
- Representative of criminal charges against media

(2) Financial litigation and consultation
- Performed a large number of lawsuits and consultation for recourse amount for damages and deceptive acts such as Seoul Guarantee Insurance, Korea Insurance Corporation, Seoul Credit Guarantee Foundation, etc.

(3) Administration
- Dismissal of school corporation, petition review for examination of teacher dispute, other administrative litigations
- Cancellation request for adjudication expropriation

(4) Other litigation
- A claim for transfer of ownership against Korea (completion of acquisition prescription)
- Litigation related to divorce, alimony, property division, custody, unfair benefit return
- Damage compensation case such as car accidents, embezzlement, damage due to illegal construction
- Carried out a number of civil cases such as insurance, share splits of property, and construction billing