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  Basic Information - Lee, Boktae
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Business area

- Finance
- Financial Disputes
- Redevelopment/Reconstruction
  Educational History Seoul Gyeongseong High School (1970)
Sung Kyun Kwan University, College of Law (LL.B., 1979)
Kyunghee University, Graduate School of Law (LL.M., 1981)
Keio University, Visiting Scholar (1986-1987)
  Career 홍조근정훈장(부산지검 제1차장검사)(2003)
Admitted to bar, Korea (1979)
Judicial Research & Training Institute, Supreme Court of Korea (1981)
Public Prosecutor, Daegu District Prosecutor's Office
Public Prosecutor, Seoul District Prosecutor's Office, Southern Branch
Public Prosecutor, Busan District Prosecutor's Office, Eastern Branch
Public Prosecutor, Daejeon High Prosecutor's Office
Chief, Changwon District Prosecutor's Office, Geochang Branch
Public Prosecutor, Seoul High Prosecutor's Office
1st Assistant Prosecutor General, Busan District Prosecutor's Office
Head of the Detective Division, Supreme Prosecutor's Office
Inspector, Ministry of Justice
Chief Prosecutor, Seoul Eastern District Prosecutor's Office
Senior Advisor, LOGOS Law LLC
Non-executive Director, Dongkuk Steel Mill Co., Ltd.
Visiting Professor, Sung Kyun Kwan University, School of Law
Non-executive Director, Hi Asset Management Co., Ltd.
Non-executive Director, DK UIL Co., Ltd. (present)
  Business case
* 회사운영을 둘러싼 배임사건
* 불기소 처분에 대한 항고사건
* 재건축 재개발사건에 대한 민형사사건
* 금융사건
* 항만청의 매립허가 등과 관련한 행정사건